Two friends gear up one morning and set out on a mission.

Their aim? To find love...Or at least a date.


On their journey, Lindsay and Kristin discover many men that peak their interest, only discovering stereotypes and awkward meetings in the forest. Will these ladies overcome the trials and tribulations of the dating world or will they be stuck in single-dom forever? There's nothing like a good friend to support you through perilous times of love, loss, and losers.


The hunt is on.


Meet The Cast


Sol Pederson


Sol is a North Carolina transplant via Texas, who has lived in the Triangle for the past eight years. They met the director of "The Hunt" through a free photography class at the Durham Public Library and was recruited to act in the film for their sparkling personality. Sol's most recent acting roles include "angel #1" in church Christmas Pageants and playing the role of "dog" in the 4th grade musical. Sol is a broke non-profit worker and would love to find more "free" resources for learning about photography/videography. They enjoy the creativity involved with being in front of and behind the camera (despite having no formal training- or cameras). Sol is thankful for the "I don't want to see or be seen by straight people" setting on dating apps".


Trisha Chaudhuri


Trisha Chaudhuri is a young woman, who since childhood, has possessed interests that span many fields of art and design. These passions directed her towards attending the Savannah College of Art and Design to pursue a masters in architecture. Trisha is currently shifting focus into graphic design and enjoys her classes, while freelancing on the side. Though she is chasing career paths in the design field, Trisha's passion for dance and the performing arts continues. She has been dancing since the age of six; one of her highlights being a dancer in the 2007 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with the Macy's Great American Marching Band. In the past few years she has dived into exploring the performing arts world in the form of film acting and has taken part in short films with local Raleigh-Durham film creators. Trisha even stepped in as a production assistant for "The Hunt" between her scenes. She looks forward to expanding further into television and film projects within the entertainment industry. You can follow Trisha on Instagram @momentsoftrish and reach her through email for inquiries and comments. 


Dillon D'Ambrosio

"The Hipster"

Dillon D'Ambrosio is a mostly underqualified, yet charismatic- "enough to get away with it"-small-town boy, originally from Fuquay Varina, North Carolina. After being a butcher for most of his adult life, Dillon is a new face to the production scene. He's worked his way from his first production assistant job to a full-time production coordinator in reality tv, with no formal training. Dillon has translated his love of being seen on stage, playing guitar and singing in bands, to being in front of the camera. He is always seeking new adventures and opportunities to learn, grow, and express himself creatively. Dillon also assisted in the sound department on "The Hunt" as a second boom operator when he wasn't needed in front of the camera.

Kristopher Hanks.jpg

Kristopher Hanks

"The Ex-Frat Boy"

Kristopher Hanks hails from the great white frozen tundra of the North—New Hampshire. He began studying Theatre Performance while at Plymouth State University before moving to North Carolina in 2013, for the birth of his son. Once in the Tar Heel State, he began picking up steam with his acting career. Kristopher’s career has thus far seen him star in several short films from across the region, local stage plays, and many well-run commercial spots. Currently, he has taken a step back from acting to focus on another of his passions, soccer. Kristopher is currently the Head Women’s Soccer Coach at Wake Tech Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina. He hopes to find a way to blend his affinity for the camera and his love of the game in the future. Also, keeping her fingers crossed for that opportunity to come is his beautiful wife, Victoria. The entire Hanks Family hopes you enjoy this production!


Alejandro Joaquin 

"The Catfish"

Alejandro Joaquin steps in to play the eccentric "Catfish" character in “The Hunt”. Alejandro is an actor and director from Durham, North Carolina, originally from Mexico. He is currently studying filmmaking at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California. He loves every part of filmmaking from pre to post production.  Alejandro had a blast playing this character and hopes to bring more zany characters to life on the silverscreen. And when he wasn't needed in a scene, Alejandro also stepped in as a production assistant on "The Hunt".


Ricky Williams

"The Bod"

Ricky Williams is a firefighter and personal trainer from Durham, North Carolina. He is an North Carolina State University alumnus with a background in marketing. Although modeling and acting are currently part-time pursuits, Ricky loves working in media and plans to continue seeking out opportunities to learn and grow in the creative field.


Elizabeth Quesada

"The Girlfriend"

Elizabeth M. Quesada is a stage actor making her film debut in "The Hunt". She is often seen in productions around the Triangle, since moving to North Carolina from Connecticut in 2015. Elizabeth continues to pursue her passions with support from her friends, family and Dan. You can follow her on Instagram @elizabethmquesada 

Dan Hawkins Primary Headshot Color.jpg

Dan Hawkins

"The Gay Best Friend"

Dan is a traditional stage actor making his film debut. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Dan got his Bachelors Degree from Wake Forest University. He has worked as an actor and stand up comedian primarily in Philadelphia, PA and Raleigh, NC the latter of which he currently resides in. Thanks to his family, Cloran, and Libby. You can follow him on Instagram @Dan_M_Hawkins




Meet The Crew

Rachael Silberman:
Writer, Director, Editor

A Little About Me >


Rachael Silberman is a local filmmaker from Raleigh, North Carolina, who has always had a passion for the arts. Since receiving her B.F.A from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012 in Film and Television , Rachael has worked as a video producer, camera operator and editor in television, sports broadcasting, on documentaries and independent films. She is now a video producer with the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes and is excited to continue her independent short film career with the launch of her second film, The Hunt.



"The Hunt is a short fiction loosely based on comedic dating mishaps, not only in my personal life but, also in the online dating lives of my female friends. My film explores some frustrations that heterosexual women come across on dating apps and that through the trials and tribulations of the dating world, sticking together is always the best plan. I am beyond thrilled to be screening my first short comedy".   


Todd Tinkham, a local NC filmmaker and former teacher at the Full Frame's School of Doc, was the cinematographer on ""The Hunt". Todd has shot and directed so many profound pieces in North Carolina, such as "Southland of the Heart," "What the Frock", "Gunpowder & Paperboy" and a short documentary piece, "A Message from The Marcelus," about fracking in the United States. Todd is currently shooting a documentary about equestrian vaulting and is also working on his own feature films and shorts, including "Westward To Me" and "Shelter". His motto: "Finding beauty in everything". 


As a production creative, Angela enjoys freelancing as an Associate Producer and Assistant Director in the North Carolina Triangle. She began her career in Silver Spring, MD working in the true crime genre with Sirens Media on numerous projects for Investigation Discovery, OWN, and TV One. Born and raised on the North Carolina, Virginia border, Angela decided to leave Maryland to live closer by her family. After moving to Raleigh, NC, she dove into the docu-reality space working on shows such as TLC's "7 Little Johnstons," HGTV's "Love It or List It," and Discovery Channel's "Race Night at Bowman Gray." She currently works at Trailblazer Studios and serves as a Post-Producer on DIY's "Salvage Dawgs." 

1st Asst. Director & Script Supervisor
2nd Asst. Director

Jessica Duhon is an undergraduate student at Georgetown University studying International Relations and Chinese. She was introduced to filmmaking in 2013 and participated in Full Frame's School of Doc summer program in 2018. Jessica aims to use film as an intercultural learning tool to expose people to the diversity of the world, humanize people of different origins, and increase the global awareness of the generations to come.


Tristan Asuncion is a filmmaker from Durham, North Carolina. He attended UNCW for film his freshman year of college but, transferred to UNCSA to pursue greater creative opportunities. Still new to filmmaking, Tristan tries to wear numerous production hats to get a feel for his niche in the industry. For “The Hunt," Tristan mainly worked as a location boom operator, sound mixer and gaffer. His main interests are impacting the visual aspect of a film so, his usual roles lean more towards cinematography and editing. However, Tristan also continues to write screenplays in his spare time.

Location Sound & Gaffer

Dorian Gomez is a local N.C. filmmaker and artist from Mexico City. Currently, she works at The Center for Documentary Studies in Durham, NC and is studying at Durham Tech to be a Spanish community and medical interpreter. Dorian is a creative freelancer, working as a photographer, camera operator and editor. She is also the producer and creative director of the Nuestro South Podcast, which talks about the history of Mexican immigrants in the U.S. South during the Jim Crow Era. You can listen to her podcast here:

Location Sound & Drone Operator

Isabel Young is currently a freshman at Goucher College in Towson, Maryland. She is considering studying some combination of environmental studies, art, and design. Isabel attended the Center for Documentary Studies’ School of Doc in 2018 and made three short films with fellow Durham Public School students, and continued on to attend the after school program to work on more films with peers. 

Location Sound & Production Assistant

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